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Dr. Jamoke’s Little Book of Hitherto Uncompiled Facts and Curiosities Regarding Bees

by Hezekiah Jamoke

Paperback, 114 pages  $9.95  $8.00

Also available for eBook for iPad, Nook, Kobo, and Kindle.

Retail: $9.95

Here: $8.00

S&H: $3.72

How much do you

really know about bees...

  1. How did bees evolve from wasps?  • Which animal, besides man, uses tools to extract honey?  • Who uses tubular beehives? 

  2. • What’s the only thing drones are good for? 

  3. How many full beehives equal the weight of the Space Shuttle?   • How many well fed dachshunds equal the weight of a full beehive?  • Where does Brazil sell most of its propolis?  • How many species of bee are native to North America?  • In what strange place did Samson find honey?  • What does the Talmud have to say about throwing beehives into the street? • What’s better than a handful of flies?  • Why did Aristotle think the queen bee was a king?  • What’s the deal with the honey stomach?  • How many blueberries are produced thanks to one habropod laboriosa?  • How far can a bee fly on an ounce of honey?  • What do cuckoo bees do? • When do crepuscular bees roam?  • What do bees do when a mouse dies in the hive? • What should you never pour in an in-law’s ear?

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