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The Merry Burial Compendium

by Glenn Alan Cheney

Paperback, 117 pages  $9.95  $8.00

Also available for eBook for iPad, Nook, Kobo, and Kindle.

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How much do you

really know about death and burial?

Death is a many splendored thing. And complicated. The issues around it involve mythology, religion, rites, science, technology, biology, history, psychology, chemistry, stupidity, fossil fuels, body-snatching, racism, buzzards, Congress, coral, hell money, catacombs, poetry, and the deep blue sea.

Glenn Alan Cheney’s unusual gathering of facts and curiosities regarding death and burial is fascinating...and not nearly as morbid as one might expect. Death happens, and The Merry Burial Compendium is something to read while waiting.

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