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Mother Goose

and Other Rhymes

Introduction by Danielle Schoman

Illustrated by Sayles School Students

55 pages      $15

Everybody loves Mother Goose! We all have memories of Little Jack Horner...Jack and Jill...the cow that jumped over the moon...Little Bo Peep...the mouse that ran up the clock...the old lady who lived in a shoe...Old Mother Hubbard, the pease porridge hot...the three blind mice...

And we remember other rhymes...the itsy-bitsy spider...Row, Row, Row Your Boat...London Bridge is Falling Down...Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep...

These aren’t just nursery rhymes. They are part of our culture, memories that tie us all together while taking us back to a time long, long ago.

This unique collection of folk rhymes is the only one of its kind that is actually illustrated by the people it was written for...the children who can still see what we all used to see but now can see no more.

All profits from this book go to

support the Sayles School art program.

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